Why should I download BFGoodrich OnTrail?

BFGoodrich OnTrail, is an innovative mobile app for off-road enthusiasts, combining essential trail companion tools with community sharing functions, allowing adventure seekers to communicate and share their trips in real time.

It also has Missions, Games and other activities where you can earn points and use them to enter sweepstakes for a chance to win some cool prizes.

Unlike other trail mapping Apps, all our trail maps, including the Premium CartoTracks trails, are available with our free membership, no credit card needed.

So go ahead and download BFGoodrich OnTrail today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Am I able to bring my trails from other programs?

Yes, you can upload .GPX files directly to BFGoodrich OnTrail

What are Tread Points (TP) and Experience Points (XP) Points?
  • Tread Points (TP): These are earned by doing activities in the app by completing Missions that enhance the OnTrail Community. These points are used to enter sweepstakes. Click on the Coins icon at the bottom of the screen to see the sweepstakes that are available today.
  • Experience Points (XP): This is where you are able to grow your experience with off-roading using the app. These points are not “spendable”; they are used to determine your “Rank” found in your Profile screen. Click on the bottom right icon in the screen to see your profile page.
Does BFGoodrich OnTrail map me to the trail head?
  • Yes, once you find the trail you want to run, the trail will have a “Get Directions” button. This will open your on-road mapping app – Waze, Google, Apple, etc – and that will get you to the trail head.
  • Once you are ready to run the trail, you will need to switch back to BFGoodrich OnTrail to run the trail and record your data in the app
What data is tracked when I record my trail?
  • The top half of the screen will show your navigation and the trail you are running
  • At the bottom, you have a choice to show either:

   i. Speed, Time, Elevation, distance, or

   ii. Pitch & Roll

  • When you run the trail, you can add in Points of Interest (by clicking on the + sign). You have about 30+ options to add in what you want to mark on the trail. The point will be shown at the Geolocation where you pressed the + sign. This works off-line as well. For many of the features, you are able to add in additional descriptions along with photos to enhance the information

How does the BFGoodrich OnTrail "Community" contribute to the app environment?
  • Users can help enrich the trails in OnTrail by publishing trails they know and drive so that others can join the fun
  • Users can run published trails and leave reviews to help others decide if it’s a trail they want to run too!
What are the ways for people to contact the dedicated BFGoodrich OnTrail support team?
How do I redeem a tire rebate?

Detailed instructions on how to redeem your tire rebate* are given in the Rebate Mission in the OnTrail app. Download the OnTrail app.

Once in the app:

  • Tap on the white tab that says “Pull Tab Up For Trails & Activity”
  • Tap on “Activity” and “Missions”
  • Scroll through the missions to find the “How to Redeem Your Tire Rebate” Mission
  • Follow the instructions

*Terms and Conditions apply. For details, see our complete Rebate Terms and Conditions. Void where prohibited.

How do I send a trail to a friend?
  • Click on the trail you want to send
  • Click on the “Share” Icon and use the standard mobile device functionality to share via your chosen media
How do I navigate to the trails and activities?
  • These can be found by pulling up the “Trails & Activity” Tab from the bottom of the screen
  • Tapping on “Trails” gives access to trail information

   i. “Nearby” shows trails that are geographically close to your location (location services need to be turned on)

   ii. “Featured” shows trails we’ve highlighted that you might enjoy!

  • Tapping on “Activity” gives access to Games, Events and Missions

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