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OnTrail is a community of off-roaders committed to unlocking the world around them. The collective wisdom and camaraderie of the BFGoodrich OnTrail off-roading community is inspiring to see.

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4 min read

BFGoodrich ActivAir

Every now and then something comes around that changes everything. Introducing: BFGoodrich ActivAir, a brand-new, fully integrated tire inflation system that allows you to air up or air down without ever leaving your seat.

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8 min read

Spotlight: BFGoodrich Trail Terrain

Innovation can come from anywhere, but nine times out of ten, it starts with an observation. No divine muse. No universal irony. Just the quiet observation of an everyday pattern.

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5 min read

Driving and Stress Relief

For all walks of life, it’s been a stressful few years dominated by uncertainty. Cars have always been a source of stability and sanctuary. Discover the stress-busting secrets of off-roading.

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5 min read

The BFGoodrich OnTrail Story

Believe it or not, this story starts in late 1970s — the first years that a team from BFGoodrich Tires went down to Baja to participate in the most ruthless racing event on the planet.

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Contact Us

Do you have an idea for a story or questions about anything on our site? WE’RE HERE TO HELP!

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About Us

For over 150 years, BFGoodrich has been enabling our customers to pursue their passion, whether rock climbing, hunting, fishing, racing or off-roading.​

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