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Responsible Off-Roading

The best way to make your mark, is to hardly make one at all!  Off-Roading allows us to get out in nature, responsible off-roading allows us to be one with it.  We are all responsible for the stewardship of our trails and leaving them as much as possible in the state that we found them or better, protecting them for the generations of off-roaders to come.

Learn more about how you can do your part and off-road responsibly.

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BFGoodrich Outstanding Trails

Memories that last a lifetime are made outdoors. We want to make sure we leave the spaces we love better than how we found them so memories can be made there for generations to come.

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Become a tread lightly! Member

Tread Lightly!’s members – individuals, dealers, retailers, outfitters, Boy Scout troops, non-profits, and many others – are critical in helping keep the outdoors beautiful, healthy and open to the public.

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Responsible Off-Roading: Not an Oxymoron

The trails you enjoy today were built, maintained, and protected by individuals who knew what needed to be done. For the earth. For the sport. And for the community.

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BFGoodrich Desert Cleanup Drives

BFGoodrich Tires is a firm believer in the concept that everyone should leave a place in a better state than how they found it.

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