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The suite of tools built into BFGoodrich OnTrail, have a multitude of features to help and guide enthusiasts through the off-road world and have fun. Built to be intuitive, and to make them easy to use, it’s always good to have some pointers to get you up and running quickly.

Need some tips to get the best out of all the OnTrail features? Our How To will quickly have you using  all the features it has to offer like a pro.

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A Quick OnTrail Overview

For a quick overview of what BFGoodrich OnTrail has to offer, take a look at this video from Off-Road Champion, Mike Cafro.

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Missions teach you how to use our app, more about off-roading, and safe responsible off-roading tips. Here is a step-by-step guide to finding the missions in the app and how to use them.

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We are giving away great prizes all the time on the OnTrail app. Find out about our sweepstakes and how to enter for your chance to win BFGoodrich branded products, trail rides with influencers, tires, and much more.

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Still Have Questions?

Still have questions about OnTrail functionality? Have a suggestion? Have a story for us? Contact us, WE’RE HERE TO HELP!

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