DFD: Death Valley to Mammoth Part 2

Darren Parsons has entered Unlimited Class and Class 1450, and has won numerous Championships and Races and has become a well-known figure in the off-road industry.

Although Darren is one of the more notable names in off-road, he is also a true family man at heart, having two incredible daughters and a wife that stands by him through it all. He makes his off-road trips a family affair.

Watch the concluding part of the DFD - Don't Follow Darren - Death Valley to Mammoth trip to see Darren finish tackling 381 miles of off-road terrain guided by BFGoodrich OnTrail!

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Note: Professional driver. Do not attempt or drive beyond your capabilities.

Want to see the trail that Darren followed on his journey? You can find it in the BFGoodrich OnTrail App, just follow this link or click on the image below.

Note: Trail ratings are based on general information. Trail conditions can change due to weather and other factors. This, along with the experience level of the driver, may change the difficulty level of a trail. Please be vigilant as you navigate any trails and assess the trail conditions you encounter at the time vs. your skill level to stay safe.