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How lucky are you? Test out your luck in our sweepstakes on the OnTrail app. Who doesn’t love the chance to win some really cool prizes?!

We always have sweepstakes running and with so many great prizes, it’s hard to choose which to enter. Keep checking back for new sweepstakes every month. All you need to enter our sweepstakes are tread points.

what are tread points

Tread Points are the currency of OnTrail. Just for signing up for an OnTrail account you receive 250 tread points. Earning more tread points is easy. Just go over to the missions on the OnTrail app and check out those that offer tread points for completion. These missions allow you to be interactive on the app and learn the features we have. Use your tread points to enter one sweepstakes multiple times or submit an entry to more than one.

How to enter

Learn how to find the sweepstakes in the OnTrail app and how to enter with these easy steps.

  1. Sign into App
  2. Click on the coins at the bottom
  3. Read through the terms of use and click Continue. (You may check the box at the end to not show this message next time.)
  4. Browse the sweepstakes and pick the one you want to enter.
    • Your total number of Tread Points available is listed at the top of the screen.
    • Links to access the Sweepstakes rules and Terms of Use also show at the top of the screen.
  5. Click Enter Now
  6. Read the details of this sweepstakes
    • If you change your mind, you can X out of this one and choose a different one.
    • If this is the one you want, click Get Entries
  7. Select the number of entries you want
    • The number tread points needed to enter are listed above the entry selection.
    • Hit the + or – to change the number of entries or tap on the number and key in the number of entries you want.
  8. Click the Get Your Entries button
    • Total number of tread points being used will show on this button.
  9. Click Confirm Entry
    • The number of entries you have selected will show for you to confirm.
  10. X out at the top when finished
    • This final screen will confirm your entry, show you the number of days until the drawing, and list the prize details.

Congratulations, you have entered an OnTrail Sweepstakes. Tell a friend, keep playing, and have fun. Good luck!


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