Redeeming Your OnTrail Rebate

Every BFGoodrich OnTrail membership comes with access to a tire rebate* on a set of four BFGoodrich tires, including both our on-road and off-road ranges.

Get up to $125* via Reward Card after online submission* with the purchase of four new BFGoodrich tires.

  • BASIC members are eligible for a $60 tire rebate*
  • BASIC + members are eligible for a $80 tire rebate*
  • PREMIUM members are eligible for up to $125 tire rebate*

Tire rebate* is valid for a full 12 months after membership start/renewal date*.  For details, see our complete Rebate Terms and Conditions.


Detailed instructions on how to redeem your tire rebate and given in the rebate mission in the OnTrail app. Download the OnTrail app.

Once in the app:

  • Tap on the white tab that says “Pull Tab Up For Trails & Activity”
  • Tap on “Activity” and “Missions”
  • Scroll through the missions to find the “How to Redeem Your Tire Rebate” Mission
  • Follow the instructions
Rebate 1
Rebate 2
Rebate 3

Still need help? Contact Us.

*Terms and Conditions apply. For details, see our complete Rebate Terms and Conditions. Void where prohibited.