The Must-Drive List: North America

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There’s a moment during a road trip where you enter a flow state — when you turn off the outside noise, and tune into whatever’s in front of you. In these moments, we’re completely present. And all we need to capture them is distance, drive and a way forward.

Thinking about those moments, we set out to find our “Must-Drive List” for North America. The only source we trusted with the responsibility of putting it together was our people. So, we asked you which roads were on your must-drive list. Here’s what you responded with:


Pacific Coast highway

Cruising down California Highway 1 — also known as the legendary Pacific Coast Highway — is something everyone should experience once. The roughly 600 miles of California coastline takes about 10 hours to complete, but everyone will tell you to split up the trip into a couple days.

The whole way down you'll marvel at the endless sky, towering mountains, and an unmatched view of the Pacific Ocean. And if you’ve had it with pavement for the day, you can pull off the road and take amazing hikes in places like Big Sur and Santa Barbara.

Rubicon Trail

Arguably the most famous off-road trail in the world, the Rubicon Trail is known for its challenges, its scenery, and its history.

Entrances to the trail include both Wentworth Springs Road and the Loon Lake entrance, and passes through the Eldorado National Forest into the Tahoe National Forest, and then the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit.

Famous obstacles and points of interest along the trail include Gate Keeper, Granite Bowl, Axle Hill, Little Sluice, Old Sluice, The Squeeze, Big Sluice, historic Rubicon Springs, and Cadillac Hill.

Pikes Peak

Each year, racers from around the world gather here for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb — a race our tires have conquered numerous times and the event is over 100 years old. While it doesn’t take nearly as long as the others on our list, the 19-miles of winding, paved road up to the top is a must for anyone who enjoys getting behind the wheel.

The twists and turns along the 6,715-foot climb demand perfect control and the elevation change is by no means easy, but your trophy at the end is a summit view that is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Dalton Highway

Made famous by Ice Road Truckers, the James W. Dalton Highway has become an off-road destination for those looking for a challenge.

The road gets steep and slippery, and the trucks that are carrying supplies to the oil workers in Deadhorse can fling rocks and gravel onto your windshield. As if that wasn’t enough, this remote part of Alaska can drop to 82 below. Oh, and 240 miles of the 414 mile drive is without any services. No restaurants, gas stations or hotels.

If that hasn’t scared you off, then congratulations — you’ve got what it takes to be an ice road trucker.

Dempster Highway

One of the most spectacular road trips on earth is one few have heard of, and takes you to a place few have gone: the Arctic Circle.

The Dempster Highway starts near Dawson City, Canada and runs due North into a part of the country where you won’t find many signs of human life — but you may find signs of animal life. Along the path, you’ll catch glimpses of mountain ranges and incredible tundra landscapes.

After all those hours of solitude, you’ll be met with one of the most surreal natural wonders in the world: the land of the midnight sun — 24-hours of sun. It’s something you need to see in order to believe, and the experience is second to none.

MDL - Overachievers

Overachievers Welcome

This next section is for the overachievers (of which we know plenty of you are). If you’re looking for even more roads to chase down, here are 8 more that came from our audience:

Note: Trail ratings are based on general information. Trail conditions can change due to weather and other factors. This, along with the experience level of the driver, may change the difficulty level of a trail. Please be vigilant as you navigate any trails and assess the trail conditions you encounter at the time vs. your skill level to stay safe.


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